The Ocean is the origin of life on earth, it :

  • Provides 50% of the oxygen we breathe
  • Absorbs 30% of the CO2 mostly produce by humans activity
  • Regulates the climate
  • Covers 70% of the surface of our planet

A vital organ for Man

An Ocean of resources

  • Recreation: Coastal zones are the 1st touristic destination in the world
  • Employement: 31 millions job are directly linked to the Ocean
  • Food: 1st source of proteins in the World
  • Health: many medication against pain, cancer or Alzheimer are made with marine organism
  • Economy: If the Ocean was a country, it would be the 7th world power concerning the GDP
  • Transportation: 90% of the international trade use maritime transport

Despite all the benefits that the Ocean provides, it faces many issues that jeopardise its ecosystem and Man itself

  • Macro and micro plastics pollution
  • overfishing
  • Ocean acidification

All these issues have direct or indirect consequences on Human Being such as sea level rise, climate change,  species loss and pollution in our meal.

An Ocean in danger

Stay positive !

In this context, we need to remember that we can make a difference !
We can and must change our behaviour to have a positive impact on the Ocean. That is why we create this Citizen of the Ocean community; to have a global impact on this global issue that concern every single human being,  to give a voice to the Ocean to foster a sustainable and reasonnable use of the Ocean resources.