Mr Goodfish programme 

The stocks of fish and other sea animals used in seafood are not unlimited. Many are overfished. By following Mr.Goodfish’s advice, you will not only be discovering new and delicious seafood, including fish, shellfish and crustaceans, you will also be discovering original ways to vary your meals and enjoy seasonal fish.
Mr.Goodfish‘s advice will also enable you to purchase fish and at the same time preserve the resources of the sea
Mr.Goodfish’s advice is always constructive. There’s no lecturing, just sound advice about the seafood products you can eat and feel good about eating because they come from abundant and healthy stocks. 
Mr.Goodfish publishes a seasonal seafood list which respects recommended size limits for seafood products only from healthy marine populations. Mr.Goodfish enables you to choose your seafood so that you can help to promote sustainable development.
The Mr.Goodfish responsible seafood list is drawn up, for each season, by a Committee of Experts including a representative from the fishing industry, a scientist, a representative from the retail sector and a scientist from the World Ocean Network.

The stock of fish and other sea animals are not unlimited and are already in danger, many are overfished. If we don’t act now, it could jeopardize the whole fish industry sectors, from fishermen to fishmongers including restaurants and consumers. Furthermore, extinction in the food supply chain has consequences on the whole ecosystem.

If each consumer would once a year, choose a sea product recommender by Mr.Goodfish, instead of another, 18.000 tons of fish of fragile stock would be saved.  If we all choose the right fish, at the right moment, imagine how positive it would be!