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Discovering and protecting maritime resources 

I only eat fish labeled Mr.Goodfish! 
Jacques, France

I participated in conference on the Ocean
Ludivine, France

When I go on holiday I don’t buy souvenirs made from sea animals! 
Louis, England

Protecting water quality

On a walk, I always carry a bag to put my waste and those that I collect
Benoît,  Clermond-Ferrand

I make my own households products: baking soda and white vinegar works perfectly! 
Pierre, France

Keeping a clean air

I went solar for my home and water heating!
Lucie, Norway

Once a month, we plant a tree with my children. For my present and their future!
Jessica, Canada

I buy local food to reduce transportation
Lucie, France

Reducing my waste

I never go out without a bag!
Aurélie, France

 A coffee to go? Not without my own mug! 
Manon, Portugal

I only buy bulk products and I bring my own jar
Pierre, France

I set up selective sorting in my office
Pierre, France