My waste

I put a “No adverstising please” sticker on my letterbox and I distributed stickers to my whole neighborhood!
Marie, Quimper, France 

I always have a cloth bag with me
Aurélie, Rennes, France 

I have put in place a compost: less waste and more natural fertilizer! 
Aurélie, Rennes, France 

A coffee to take away? Never without my mug!
Annie, Québec

I always have a water bottle with me, plastic goblets are outdated!
Luc, Clermont-Ferrand, France

I only buy bulk products or I bring my contenants!
Pierre, Vannes, France

In bars, restaurants, or at friend’s, I never take straws !
Mylène, Lyon, France 

I nearly throw nothing thanks to the flee markets, barter, garage sales…
Stéphanie, Caen, France